It’s Fall in Portland Y’all

by Angela on October 14, 2012

in Lagniappe,Portland, OR

Pam Flowers

(Flowers from my friend Pam. Such a good friend!)

Fall really arrived this week, in the form of rains like we’d yet to see in Portland. (It’s been gradually cooling off for awhile now. In Houston the fall temperatures jump all around, but Portland is more of a gradual easing.) Everyone kept telling us it would start raining anytime now, and I thought we’d simply have the – I don’t quite know the word – mist (?) like we first saw upon arrival in May. This week’s rain, however, was a lighter version of a Texas-style downpour. Only the raindrops are COLD. On Friday I got all wet walking form a parking lot into a building: Cold, wet ballet flats. Completely useless wet fleece. Wet hair. Tiny little ice cube fingertips. (White and all!)

I had no umbrella or rain jacket – just a Trader Joe’s circular hastily put into service to help keep me dry.

The change of seasons has brought us new some additional expenses as we outfit ourselves for the weather. We’re working on getting 10,000 steps in each day, so we walked to dinner Friday night. In the rain. Now in general, people in Portland don’t carry umbrellas in rain and instead rely on hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) or rain jackets. As it turns out, when it’s cold we need layers of clothing (perhaps including a hoodie or a fleece) under our rain jackets – and thus extra room. We also discovered we wanted rain jackets that didn’t fall at our hips, which leads only to a dry torso and wet thighs for your arrival at the Indian food joint. Rather, we need something more of a trench style, falling mid-thigh or just above the knee.

Despite never knowing what to wear, I’m enjoying learning the finer nuances of outerwear and “winter” clothes. All these years I’ve though things like the hood on sweatshirts was a fashion statement, when it fact it has a very good functional purpose. Who knew?

Portland, OR - Fall View

Fall view from our apartment.
If you look closely you can see the beautiful maple trees in the hills.

While there’s a change in seasons, our very long vacation in Oregon continues. Client work is keeping me quite busy, and this week my earliest usability study started at 6:15 am with Europe while my I logged my latest study the night before until 8 pm with folks in China. Thanks be that 30 minutes into that late night study we discovered the participant wasn’t qualified – otherwise I’d have been there until 9. (And then up at again 4:30 am.)

We’re making huge progress on what’s now our suite of software applications. (It’s not scope creep if it’s a completely new, entirely unrelated application, right?) Graham’s been up late several nights ahead of a big client event this week. The rest of the NM posse is slammed, too. Our busy season has always been July-December, and this year is no different.

As such, dinners at home have all but ceased and our favorite sushi restaurant now knows our order when we walk through the door. This, of course, all but guarantees we eat there even more often. How I love to be the Norm of a nearby restaurant! (At least it’s relatively healthy.)

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